Our main location, and where we run many of our vast and exciting activities, our Whitby based building can be found on Whitby Promenade. If you’re new to Whitby, that’s on West Cliff Beach – next to the bottom of Whitby Cliff Lift.

Our Summer Beach Club is run through the summer holidays from Whitby. We also have SUP Sessions, Surf lessons, full kit hire, our Introduction to SUP on the Sea and many other activities to help you make the most memorable memories from your time at Whitby Beach.

It doesn’t stop there. We have big plans for our stand-out building on the beach. Keep your eyes peeled for some more very exciting news about our Whitby location that we’re hoping to have ready for summer 2022…

How to find us:

If it’s high tide, you might find it difficult to find us by coming across West Cliffe beach from the West Pier. Not to worry! You can find us just as easily by taking the steps from West Cliffe down to the beach, by following the path past Whitby pavilion and down to the promenade, or by taking the cliff lift. There are multiple paths down from the top of West Cliffe to the promenade, and once you’re there you really can’t miss us.

If it’s mid-to-low tide, you will have no problem walking across the seafront to us. Whichever route you take, you’ll get beautiful views across the North East coast, and multiple opportunities to stop for ice-cream!

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