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Whitby Surf School

Terms and Conditions

Most of the information you need to know about booking an activity with Whitby Surf School can be found on our FAQ page. However, we wanted to make things really clear, so here are the details in black and white.

Sea Conditions

If the sea conditions are not suitable for the activity you have booked with us we have a few options. If the surf is too big and the conditions dangerous and we cannot run a lesson then:

  • Your lesson will be re-arranged for another convenient time /day, or
  • You will be given a credit voucher for future lessons, or
  • You will be refunded

The final say about whether the conditions are suitable or not rests with us - if we think it is too dangerous we will not be persuaded otherwise, it is simply not worth the risk.

How We Will Inform You Of Changes or Cancellations

Sea conditions can change very quickly and be unpredictable. We will always do our best to give you plenty of notice, but it is not always possible. When you book with us we ask for your email address and mobile phone number. We will call you to discuss the conditions and suitable alternatives as early as we can. If we do not get an answer we will email you. We recommend that you always check your phone and emails on the day of your session just in case we have had to make alternative arrangements.