Tiki Easy Softboard 7ft

The Easy is a super soft board, meaning you don’t have to worry about taking a knock if you fall during those first few times of trying to stand up on a wave. It also makes it more comfortable to lie on while you’re waiting for them too, giving you the comfort and confidence to focus on what matters, finding great waves to surf.

It’s designed with loads of volume, which means it’s really stable, making getting to your feet in those first few waves that little bit easier, as it gives you a great base to balance on.

The Tiki Easy Softboard is an all soft, affordable surfboard. The all soft construction uses XPE foam vacuum laminated over EPS foam with a slick base – it’s the lightest, softest and safest board Tiki do.

Designed for first time surfers – the shapes are high volume, wide and thick, intended to make catching your first waves as Easy as possible.

Fins Included.


7’0 3 Stringers 55L
7’6 3 Stringers 65L
8’0 3 Stringers 70L

Please email with the Subject "Tiki Easy Softboard Sale" to enquire about buying. We have limited stock available for collection only.



Sorry, currently out of stock!

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