Why We Built Our Dream Surf Life In Whitby

by Josh Jones

Why We Built Our Dream Surf Life In Whitby

Waking up every morning to an ever-changing beach, with glorious crimson sunrises and an often quiet and peaceful bay, we are reminded every day that this place is our paradise. There is no wonder, then, that we chose this as the destination for our surf school. With its peeling waves, bustling community and beautiful promenade, it was really a no-brainer. Why be anywhere else, when you could choose to be here?

When we took over Whitby Surf School in 2018, we quickly realized that there are many things to consider when running a business, and where you’re going to base it is often one of the trickiest – but for us it seemed really quite simple. The five main reasons that we chose Whitby beach as the home for our surf school, and Sandsend as our second location, are:

  1.  We love Whitby and believe Whitby beach is one of the most beautiful in Britain.
  2.  We love the beach culture and lifestyle and have been around it for decades.
  3. There is a lot of potential to build a thriving surf community in Whitby
  4. We wanted to develop a business that would help us provide a beautiful life for our future family
  5.  Whitby and Sandsend have the perfect surf conditions for beginners to learn in.

Over the last three years we’ve been busy building our dream beach life in Whitby and introducing more and more people to the surf culture and community that brings us so much joy. Our business is based on Whitby beach not just because it is our home, but also because it is a stunning and much-loved destination that really highlights the best of the North East coastline and the North Sea surf.

Whitby Beach is one of the most beautiful in Britain

Candy coloured beach huts line the promenade and golden sands stretch out along the coastline to a far-off Sandsend. The piers offer an elegant curve of well-maintained protection for the harbor inside, a walk along which will give you panning views of our colourful and much-loved town. For us, this is a slice of heaven. A vast and flat sand beach, Whitby is framed by the cliffs atop which the Whalebone Arch sits. A popular tourist destination, it’s also one of the best for taking in the sights of the town and coast.

With cafes, bakeries and restaurants that will tantalize the tastebuds and strong links to a rich and varied history, Whitby town is a wonderful place for visitors and locals alike. When building our dream beach life, living somewhere beautiful was always important – and we’re lucky enough to be able to say that there is truly no beach more beautiful than home.

It’s also incredibly easy to explore the coastline from Whitby, with a short bare-foot walk along the sand at low-tide taking you along to the idyllic village of Sandsend. Coastal paths can also take you up over the cliffs, along the part of the Cleveland way, and on to Robin Hoods bay. We’ve found that Whitby beach is a dream location to be based because not only is it utterly beautiful, it is also the gateway to large swathes of the North East coastline.

The beach scene has been a big part of our lives for years

Being on and around the beach has been a vital part of our life for decades. Living right on the coastline has made us realize how incredibly important being by the sea is in fulfilling our dreams. We knew this when we took over the surf school, a natural progression and one that lead on from Josh’s 10 years as a RNLI beach lifeguard. All our staff are passionate about the ocean, and being out amongst the waves, and it shows in their love for the work and for spending time on the beach after hours – as the sun goes down and the campfires can be lit for chillier evenings.

As we’ve grown our family, the impact of the beach has been even more significant. What better place for your kids to grow up than with sand between their toes, sun on their skin and an in-depth understanding of how to continue to care for this environment as they get older? When we talk about a dream life, and a dream job, we believe that the things that make us happy need to be a large part of the experience – For us, that was the beach.

We want to build a thriving surf community in Whitby

The surf community in Whitby is beginning to grow, and we’re proud to be at the heart of getting locals into the sea and helping them become a part of this wonderful and super stoked sport. When we live so close to the sea, and in such a beautiful part of the world, we believe that everyone should be getting out there and making the most of it.

We want to continue to push the surf community in Whitby and surrounding areas to progress, to build a wholly welcoming environment for beginner surfers and to ensure that the surf lifestyle continues to grow throughout the North East for years to come.

We run surf lessons and swim clubs that are dedicated to helping locals find their love and passion for the ocean, by providing regular sessions that will build a knowledge and understanding of beach safety and how surfing can enrich your life far beyond the surf itself. Locals from Whitby ourselves, this was and still is of vital importance to us as we continue to build our business.

We’re passionate about the next generation of surfers

Part of contributing to and nurturing the growing surf community in Whitby is to ensure that the next generation of surfers grow up as passionate about the ocean and waves as we are, and that they can continue to enjoy the beach in the same way we do.

We set up the surf school in part to help build a future for our own family, but also so that we could teach the next generation of young surfers to care for and appreciate the sea. There is a strong passion for preservation and conservation within Whitby, and we share the same goal in looking after and improving our environment and the way we interact with and use the beach. Living this life has allowed us to open an eco-surf shop, and to be guardians of the ‘#2minutebeachclean’ board.

We also include beach safety in all our surf lessons, something we think is another important factor in building the surf community and culture in Whitby. Our children are the ones that will be taking over from us as we grow older, they will become the surf community that is growing to be a friendly and welcoming family, and we’re passionate about teaching them to be safe themselves and to keep our coastline safe.

Sandsend and Whitby are ideal for new and experienced surfers alike

Gently sloping out to sea, the beach at Whitby can offer beautifully gentle rollers that are perfect for beginner surfers to learn to get to their feet amongst. Crisp and blue on a sunny summer’s day, the waves are well-formed, and the beach is very safe. From both Whitby and Sandsend, your surf experience will be enhanced by jaw-dropping views along our stunning coastline – and the beach culture in these beautiful and lively coastal towns means that there’s only a chance for a sweet treat after a dip in the sea.

Both beaches are also patrolled by RNLI beach lifeguards throughout the summer months, and the community has a very strong resolve to keep our coastline safe. With the perfect waves, an idyllic coastal location and the knowledge that safety is at the forefront of any scheduled activity with the Surf School, there are very few places better equipped to help new surfers experience the sport for the first time.

If you have never visited Whitby beach before then 2021 is the year to start. There are few things in life that can compare to a local-favorite ‘lemon top’ ice-cream, a day of sun and sand and an evening of fish and chips whilst you watch the golden sun dip behind the horizon. Whitby is a bustling town, full of life, and it was always destined to be the place we build our dream beach life and surf business. We’re based here because it is more than an idyllic surf destination, it is a home with huge potential to grow a welcoming and exciting surf community that we and our visitors can enjoy for years to come.

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